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K-Trade is a luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank Flooring manufactured by a well known Flooring Manufacturer, available in wood and stone designs that is suitable for domestic and light commercial use.


K-Trade Wood Planks

915mm x 152mm (36" x 6")

These wood planks have been designed and created to give durability and style. This collection of eight* popular oak colours will create an authentic wood look for domestic or light commercial use.

Oak - Blossom LVT0601 Oak - Blush LVT0602 Oak - Honey LVT0603 Oak - Chocolate LVT0604 Oak - Cinnamon LVT0605 Oak - Sherry LVT0606 Oak - Cinder LVT0607 Oak - Charcoal LVT0608

* Please note, although there are only six colours shown above the range does contain eight (hopefully the other two colours will be uploaded soon).


K-Trade Stone Tiles

305mm x 305mm (12" x 12")

A collection of four tiles that replicate natural stones, with a textured finish that is ideal for domestic or light commercial use.

Stone - Carbon LVT1201 Stone - Chalk LVT1202 Stone - Sand LVT1203 Stone - Pebble LVT1204

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